An Easy Guide to Buying The Perfect Money Clip Wallet

An Easy Guide to Buying The Perfect Money Clip Wallet

Every style guru advises s that men should only carry the bare essentials in their wallet because every man’s wallet should be sleek and slim. Many consider money clip as one stylish alternative to boring regular wallets. People who took the suggestion and ended up using regular wallets often found fumbling with stray cards and IDs.

To ease out their problem a popular hybrid is available in the market. The product is called money clip wallet, and it is specially designed for those trying to strike that delicate balance between the style and functionality.

A money clip wallet looks like a typical billfold wallet with an additional feature of looking slimmer. It is sleek because it is free from bill compartments and doesn’t have any side pockets. Other than that, the money clip is present at the center of the wallet and usually has credit card slots on both sides of the wallet.

To make sure, you always buy a genius product; there are things that you should look out for when you’re purchasing a money clip wallet.

Most Important Feature: The Money Clip:

wallet with money clipNot all the money clips in these wallets are made the same. It is important to check it before selecting a money clip wallet. Fiddle around with the money clip, open and close it few times to make sure it snaps open easily and importantly close back with a firm grip. Repeat this few times to make sure its spring mechanism is working.

If this sound like little different to you, you can test it using 15 to 20 notes with you while making your purchase – check the money clip carefully and make sure it holds the notes well in place. The notes should be secured tightly guaranteeing that the money clip is working fine.

Also, check to see if the money clip is attached to the wallet or it is detachable. Always choose the wallet with non-detachable money clip. It feels a lot more secure and practical.

The Material: Especially Leather:

Saffiano leather wallet

Money clips are the most important feature of a money clip wallet as they are made up of metal. The money clip wallet should be stiffer than regular wallets. That is why it is more convenient to choose a money clip wallet made out of soft and supple leather.

The Practical Feature: Its Size:

Slim Money Clip WalletA money clip wallet is designed to be sleek and slim, so it’s size is smaller than the traditional wallet. Some of these are designed primarily for U.S dollars, so other currencies such as euro may be too big for it. So, make sure, you get a money clip wallet that can hold your currency to use quickly.

Remember, the rightly chosen money clip wallets can make you look super stylish. You wouldn’t want to be seeing a messy wallet that can make it hard for you to find out the cash when you are in a hurry.

So, always make a wise choice, read more about the money clip wallet at Roderer.